Ingredients & Benefits

The primary ingredient in all Kanberra products is Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil. Kanberra only uses Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil certified by ATTIA LTD. Tea Tree Oil has been proven to have many beneficial properties.

All of our active ingredients are made from natural resources, not harmful chemicals. Below is a breakdown of all ingredients which make up Kanberra Sport products, and their benefits to you and your skin!

Allatoin Anti-irritant for the skin; helps heal and soothe the skin.
Aloe Vera Rich source of antioxidants to protect and heal your skin.
BTMS 50 Provides intensive moisture to dry skin.
Cetaryl Alcohol Non-irritating, beneficial for skin.
Cetyl Alcohol Non-irritating, beneficial for skin.
Deionized Water Does not contain harmful toxins and chemicals.
Dimethicone Skin protectant and skin conditioner.
Disodium EDTA Maintain clear skin and prevent smelly odor.
Fractionated Coconut Oil Ideal for dry or troubled skin, does not clog pores. Helps reduce skin friction.
Germall Plus Ideal for creams and lotions, used in shampoos.
Glycerin Treats oily skin contidions. Helps reduce skin friction.
Glyceryl Stearate Skin conditioning agent.
Menthol When applied topically, provides cooling sensation. Helps treat pain and inflammation
Pantheol (Vitamin B5) Known hydrator, stabilizes your skin's barrior function. Anti-inflammatory for the skin.
Shea Butter Moisturizes dry skin. Anti-inflammatory and known hydrator for the skin.
Sodium Lactate Excellent moisturizer, helps exfoliate dead skin cells.
Sorbitan Stearate Used as a surfactant in skin care products.
Tea Tree Oil Helps treat acne, calms redness, reduces swelling.
Vitamin E Acetate Anti-inflammatory, helps prevent skin damage.
Witch Hazel Astrigent, helps shrink pores and soothe the skin.