About Kanberra Sport

The Kanberra(®) Group is part of Indoor Air Professionals (IAP), an indoor air quality firm headquartered outside of Buffalo, NY. The company utilizes its Indoor Air Quality expertise and works with leading researchers in the IAQ field to continually refine and develop Kanberra(®) product offerings.

Founded in 1993, IAP specializes in products and services for creating healthier indoor environments for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, naval and commercial ships, government buildings, and other private and public facilities. The company's services include air duct and ventilation cleaning and sealing, mold testing and remediation, whole house air exchange systems, air purifier equipment, and related products. IAP's experience includes services on a variety of US Navy ships in locations around the globe.

The company's work with thousands of local and national clients, including commercial businesses, helped build a depth of knowledge in indoor air quality matched by very few competitors. IAP services help improve employee health, reduce illness and boost productivity for countless organizations from offices and hotels to schools and hospitals.

Indoor air quality is IAP's sole business. The company does not produce or offer unrelated products or services. This IAP-specific expertise allows IAP to specialize in effective natural products focused on indoor air. Every product in the full Kanberra(®) lineup - gel, spray, wipes, premium soap, anti-chafing creams and essential oils - is the result of this experience, as the company continually strives to create better products and services to promote the health of its clients.

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