Five Tips to Keep Your Indoor Workout Space Clean

We know as athletes, routine is everything. Unfortunately, as we navigate these uncertain times, our routines are thrown off, creating confusion, anxiety and fear.


Pools, gyms and yoga studios are closed and we’re missing out on our group rides and runs. This means the majority of us are confined to our pain caves, Zen dens or whatever name you’ve assigned to the space in your home where you’re sweating it out to maintain some sense of normalcy. Stressful times call for a really good workout, right?

The problem is, that space can get pretty nasty if you don’t stay on top of it. So we’ve put together ways Kanberra can help you keep your workout spaces clean, fresh and free from some of the harmful germs that can stop your training in its tracks.


Clean the Air

No workout space should be without a mechanical air purifier. Pollutants such as dust mites, mold or pet dander can all contribute to unhealthy conditions and can compromise your health. Air purifiers work by pulling your dirty air through a filter and releasing clean air back into the environment. (As a bonus, you can add in Kanberra Gel made with pure certified tea tree oil to your air purifier or anywhere in your home, car or gear bag to help fight airborne mold and mildew).


Spray Surfaces

After a good workout, you’re surrounded by a lot of dirty surfaces. (The better the workout the more dirty the surfaces… right?!) We recommend using Kanberra Multi-Purpose Tea Tree Spray. Tea tree oil has been found to show promising antiviral properties. In addition, the spray does a great job of neutralizing odors in the air and on surfaces.  After your workout, spray your shoes, handlebars, treadmill, yoga mat and the air. It’s also great around the house!


Clean Your Clothes

Kanberra Sport laundry additive was developed for athletes to remove that lingering “funk” from their workout clothes and leave them smelling fresh after every wash. The addition of tea tree oil to your laundry regimen will help reduce odors and germs. Just add a couple of pumps to your regular soap regimen and you’re on your way to better smelling, cleaner clothes. This laundry additive is good enough for some of the world's best athletes and it will work for your family's clothes as well!


Wash Your Hands

Frequent hand washing is recommended by the CDC and we have been recommending our sister company’s product, Kanberra Soap with pure certified tea tree oil.  (See article below about the benefits of using tee tree oil)


Protect Your Skin

Lastly, no pain cave is fully stocked without a product to keep your skin clean and free from chafing and blisters. Our all-natural Chafe Paint anti-friction cream is non-greasy and won’t stain your clothes. It includes 20 premium ingredients including tea tree oil, witch hazel, vitamin B, shea butter, aloe vera and many more that aid in helping to protect and heal those high friction zone areas of the body.


FYI on the efficacy of Tea Tree Oil:

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health had the following results:

AIMS: To investigate the in vitro antiviral activity of Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil (TTO) and its main components…

CONCLUSIONS: These data show that TTO has an antiviral activity…

Read more here.

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